Suggested walks in Paris
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History Walks
  • Gothic Paris - Castles & Cathedrals

  • Medieval Heart of Paris

  • Latin Quarter - Romans Ruins

  • America's Founding Fathers in Paris

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History Walks
Culture Walks
  • Montmartre in 1900

  • Lost Generation of the 1920s

  • Hemingway's Haunts

  • Harlem in Paris

  • Parks & Gardens of Paris

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Virtual Tours
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    • Gothic Paris

    • Medieval Paris

    • Latin Quarter

    • Artists of Montmartre in 1900

    • Palais Royal

    • Visit a Real Castle

    • Harlem in Paris

    • America's Founding Fathers

Family Fun
  • Visit an Authentic Medieval Castle

  • Family Learning Experience

  • Play Day for the Little Ones

  • Half Day or Full Day at Zoo & Amusement Park

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Lost Generation Tour

Visits with Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Stein & the iconic Lost Generation authors of the 1920s