Family Fun in Paris
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Family Fun : Discover an Authentic Medieval Castle - 2 hours - €40/adults  €30/kids*

Have you ever imagined life in a castle ?  Come on my tour to learn about the medieval castle - its construction, its features,  its defenses.  This is a kid-friendly tour that will please the whole family!  We will visit a real castle located 20 mins from Paris, built from 1360 to 1410.
We will take the drawbridge over the moat & enter through the main tower.   We will visit the keep & its residential area.  We'll make the rounds on the wooden terrace which commands views for miles around.   We will climb a dizzying spiral staircase to the top of the castle & see the battlements with its bell tower, just like the solders who once guarded the castle.  Then we descend into the dungeons & servant's quarters.  I will provide the historical context to help you & your kids learn abut life in the Middle Ages!

*Tour price does not include transportation costs, entrance fees or food & beverages
Kid rate applies to children under 12

Family Learning Experience : Plants & Animals - 4 hours - €60/adults  €40/kids*

For a morning of Family Fun time, we will visit a museum, zoo & botanical garden in Paris, ideal for kids under 12.  Discover ancient dinosaurs right in the center of Paris!  Learn how different species evolved into today's Animal Kingdom.  See 7000 specimens of species both extinct & living, in real size.  A specially designed interactive Children's Gallery allows kids to learn about different species from regions around the world.

After learning about their evolution, kids can see live animals in the zoo.  Visit the zoo nursery to see the baby animals being tenderly cared for.

Experience a tropical rain forest in the greenhouse & walk through the lovely botanical gardens for some fresh air.  Wander through the Alpine Garden and finish off the morning with lunch in a family-friendly garden restaurant with a kid's menu.

*Tour price includes transportation costs & entrance.   Food & beverages not included.
Kid rate applies to children under 12
*Tour price does not include entrance fees or transportation costs. 
Food & beverages not included.  Kid rate applies to children 3-11.  Toddlers under 3 are free.

Play Day for the Little Ones - this tour lasts 3 hours - €30/adults  €15/kids*

Take your little ones to the largest park in the center of Paris - ideal for smaller children under 10.  This 57-acre park has all your kids need for a fun morning out of doors!

Toddlers can play in the sandbox & enjoy themselves in the playground.  They can play on the swings, slip down the slide, get dirty in the sand.  Then take a ride on the traditional wooden horses of the merry-go-round or choose a real pony for a gentle ride.

They can rent a radio-guided sailboat & pilot the ship on the waters of the Basin...facing a baroque Renaissance palace (built 1612).  Or see a marionette show & enjoy a traditional Fairy Tale with puppets.  And after all that effort, everyone can relax in the Kiddie Picnic Area & slurp some ice cream or sip a cool drink !

Half Day of Family Fun - this tour lasts 4 hours - €60/adults  €40/kids*

We will spend half a day having fun with your kids !  Just a short metro ride from the city we will visit & castle, a zoo & an aviary.

We start off with a real medieval castle (built 1360), which we will visit from the top of the battlements down to the dungeons.  I explain how castles were constructed, defended & how the owners lived. We will see the king's bedchamber, his private study, his chapel & his treasury. We will learn about life in the Middle Ages.  See above  for additional description.

Next stop - an aviary & zoo.  See pink flamingos, exotic parrots, giraffes, wolves, lions & other fun animals.  Visit creepy lizards, snakes & giant spiders.  Smile at the seals, playful otters & the waddling penguins.

*Tour price does not include entrance fees, transportation costs, use of the rides & facilities, food & beverages.  Kid rate applies to children under 12.

Full Day of Family Fun - this tour lasts 8 hours - €90/adults  €70/kids*

This tour is the same as the half day visit described above.

It includes a morning spent exploring a real castle from 1360, from the bottom of the dungeons to the top of the battlements.  Also included in the morning is a visit to an apiary & zoo, located a short metro ride from Paris.

The afternoon will be spent in an amusement park  in Paris with tons of kid-friendly activities, from animal rides to roller coasters. 

Smaller children will enjoy the merry-go-round, fun kiddie rides, donkey or pony rides, magic shows & wooden climbing trails.  Older kids will have fun with camel rides, the zip line or flying chairs. 

The park also has gardens with walking trails & a Korean garden.  Fun for everyone !

*Tour price does not include entrance fees or transportation costs.
Food & beverages not included.  Kid rate applies to children under 12.
Family Fun
  • Visit an Authentic Medieval Castle

  • Family Learning Experience

  • Play Day for the Little Ones

  • Half Day or Full Day at Zoo & Amusement Park

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