Family Fun in Paris

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Visit a Medieval Castle - 2 hours*
€50/Adults 18+     €40/Teens 12-17      €25/Kids 5-11      €10/Kids under 5

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Have you ever imagined life in a castle ?  Come on my tour to learn about the medieval castle - its construction, its features,  its defenses.  This is a kid-friendly tour that will please the whole family!  We will visit a real castle located 20 mins from Paris, built from 1360 to 1410.
We will take the drawbridge over the moat & enter through the main tower.   We will visit the keep & its residential area.  We'll make the rounds on the wooden terrace which commands views for miles around.   We will climb a dizzying spiral staircase to the top of the castle & see the battlements with its bell tower, just like the soldiers who once guarded the castle.  Then we descend into the dungeons & servant's quarters.  I will provide the historical context to help you & your kids learn about life in the Middle Ages!

*Tour price does not include transportation costs, entrance fees or food & beverages

Play Day for the Little Ones - 3 hours*
€30/Adults 18+     €20/Teens 12-17      €15/Kids 5-11      €10/Kids under 5

Pony ride Luxembourg Visit the Hidden Pa

Take your little ones to the largest park in central Paris - ideal for smaller children under 10.  This 57-acre park has all your kids need for a fun morning out of doors!  

Toddlers can play in the sandbox & the older kids can enjoy themselves in the on the swings, slip down the slide, get dirty in the sand.  Then take a ride on the traditional wooden horses of the merry-go-round or choose a real pony for a gentle ride.  

Rent a radio-guided sailboat & pilot the ship on the waters of the Basin...facing a baroque Renaissance palace (built 1612).  Or see a marionette show & enjoy a traditional Fairy Tale with puppets.  After all that effort, everyone can relax in the Kiddie Picnic Area & slurp some ice cream or sip a cool drink !

*Tour price does not include entrance fees or transportation costs.   Food & beverages not included.  

Family Fun - 4 hours*
€60/Adults 18+    €50/Teens 12-17    €40/Kids 5-11    €30/Kids under 5

Penguins  Vincennes Visit the Hidden Par

We will spend half a day having fun with your kids !  Just a short metro ride from the city we will visit & castle, a zoo & an aviary.

We start off with a real medieval castle (built 1360), which we will visit from the top of the battlements down to the dungeons.  I explain how castles were constructed, defended & how the owners lived. We will see the king's bedchamber, his private study, his chapel & his treasury. We will learn about life in the Middle Ages.  See above  for additional description.

Next stop - an aviary & zoo.  See pink flamingos, exotic parrots, giraffes, wolves, lions & other fun animals.  Visit creepy lizards, snakes & giant spiders.  Smile at the seals, playful otters & the waddling penguins.  Visit the aviary to see birds up close.  A fun time for everyone!

*Tour price does not include entrance fees or transportation costs.
Food & beverages not included.