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Shop for Unique Hand Crafted Gifts - this tour lasts 2 hours 
€35/Adults 18+     €25/Teens 12-17     Free/Kids under 11

French handbags.PNG

This tour focuses on offbeat, unique shops that offer hand-crafted French products. We will visit up to 10 boutiques, depending on our time. 

A few examples :

- unique chocolate shop run by 2 sisters who make traditional chocolates & pastries but with Japanese style - and ingredients

- a tea shop dating from 1692, with 200+ different types of tea & beautifully hand-crafted gifts

- designer handbags, distributed only in France, with prices starting at 80€ (you read that right)!

- for male shoppers - leather belts crafted right there in the workshop & a French artisanal shoemaker offering unique designs

- honey from around the world - many with exotic flavours (avocado trees, lime, etc.). 

You will take home the most unique gifts for those very special someones in your life.

Palais Royal, history & luxury shopping - 1.5 hours 
€40/Adults 18+    €30/Teens 12-17     €20/Kids 5-11     Free/Kids under 5

Courtyard Palais Royal Visit the Hidden Paris

The Palais Royal is a charming garden in the center of Paris.  Built by Cardinal Richelieu in 1634, it later became the 1st shopping mall & pleasure garden - frequented by courtesans, politicians, prostitutes and revolutionary firebrands.  Today the neighborhood is a mix of tradition and modernity with chic boutiques, craftsmen's ateliers and cozy bistros.  We visit an opulent perfumery, a shop with vintage designer clothes & several unique artisans who craft unusual hand-made products (shoes, eyeglass frames, etc.)  The tour ends over a glass of wine in a cozy wine bar (not included in tour price).

Courtyard of the Palais Royal, constructed by the Cardinal Richelieu in 1630. The Buren columns were added in 1986, characterised by black & white stripes precisely 8,7cm wide

Covered Galleries : the 1st Shopping Malls - 2 hours
€40/Adults 18+    €30/Teens 12-17    €20/Kids 5-11    Free/Kids under 5
Covered passage Visit the Hidden Paris.j

The very first covered gallery was built in 1786, in the Palais Royal.  The gallery was an early form of a shopping mall, a place where fashionable women could shop in an enclosed environment protected from the rain & cold, rather than having to go from one corner of the city to the next looking for shops through dark muddy streets. 

Most were built during the first half of the 19th Century & by the 1850s there were 150 galleries in Paris.  However they were for the most part abandoned when the department stores became popular in the late 1800s.  By the 1950s only a dozen or so remained, many quite dilapidated. 

They are now being lovingly restored as upmarket malls with glass ceilings for natural lighting & beautiful ornaments and decors.

They provide a uniquely historic way of seeing the boutiques of Paris. 

Read more about the history of the Palais Royal here