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Food Tours

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Food Tour of the Marais - this tour lasts 2 hours*

Place-des-vosges Visit the Hidden Paris.

This walking tour of the city's charming Marais district focuses on French heritage foods - shops selling traditional food products & that are officially recognized as unique craftsmen (label).  Choose either a Sweet or Savory option.*  Examples :

  • pastries from two unique bakeries (one classified as a Historic Monument)

  • sweets from a confectionery established in 1636

  • hand crafted chocolates by two sisters from Japan

  • cheese from an award-winning craftsman   

€110 food.png
*Tour price includes cost of 4 food tastings per person. 
Beverages & incidentals not included.

Montorgueil, the charm of a market street - 2 hours*

Montorgeuil Visit the Hidden Paris

A neighbourhood caught between tradition & hipsters, Montorgueil is a trendy part of town. The area revolves around a food market,  with artisans & merchants : butchers, bakers (and even a candlestick maker!) as well as fish mongers, florists...
The small winding streets around the market have beautifully restored mansions from the 17th & 18th centuries, many are Historic Monuments.  

In addition to learning about the history of the area, we will do several tastings :  cheese & wine, pastries & baked goods.

La rue Montorgueil, a charming market street characteristic of the neighborhood

(photo Emmanuel Mozar)

€110 food.png
*Tour price includes cost of 4 food tastings per person. 
Beverages & incidentals not included.

Farmer's Markets - 2-3 hours (can vary by day of week)*

Farmer's market Visit the Hidden Paris

Paris is a city for Food Lovers - where else could you find 80+ farmer's markets sprinkled throughout town.
​Each market has its own distinct flavour...  
Visit artisan cheese makers, florists, family butchers, organic fruit & vegetable stands...  
Taste farm fresh fruit, designer cheese, oysters on the half shell shipped daily from the coast,  street food and so much more. 
Bring your appetite !*

Food shopping at the local farmer's market (photo Pixabay)

*Four food tastings per person covered in tour price. Additional food, beverages & incidentals not included.
€110 food.png
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