History walks in Paris
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Castles & Cathedrals, the Gothic Paris - this tour lasts 2 hours - €50/person

Castle built 1345 to defend Paris

This is a tour of the few remaining remnants of "old Paris" - the city that existed in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  Come stroll with me to see the "old Paris" : the Paris of hidden castles, imposing renaissance palaces & baroque mansions, medieval timbered houses, leafy courtyards hidden behind carriage doors, charming private gardens & public fountains.  Discover the unique history that preserved this charming neighborhood from destruction.  Along the way we will visit a few offbeat boutiques, giving you the opportunity to experience the "real Paris". 

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The two islands sitting in the center of Paris (Ile de la Cîté & Ile St Louis) are among the best preserved areas of the city and represent its historic heart. 

Discover the first Royal Palace, built before Charlemagne on Roman Ruins.  Visit its medieval hall & kitchen and the cell where Marie Antoinette was held prisoner before being guillotined.  Marvel at a 13th Century Royal Chapel, 3/4 of its  surface made from stained glass.  On to  Notre Dame with a "virtual visit" of its history, its construction & its treasures.

La Conciergerie, Ile de la Cîté

The Latin Quarter :  Romans & Revolutionaries - 2 hours - €50/person

Discover the treasures of the Left Bank of Paris, the city's Latin Quarter & St Germain-des-Prés.   This private tour will focus on the city's Roman roots & Latin heritage, taking you to visit some of the oldest parts of the city, settled in Gallo-Roman times.  We will encounter vestiges of the Roman era - thermal baths & an arena where gladiators combated.

In the Middle Ages, the Left Bank was dominated by religious houses such as the Abbey St Germain-des-Près.  They built universities (such as the Sorbonne), giving rise to the name "Latin Quarter" as the language spoken by the students & clerics.  In the 18th Century the area became a hotbed of Revolutionary insurgents, we will see where the Revolutionaries gathered,  plotted their insurrections & invented the guillotine. We will visit a Renaissance Italian-style garden, as well as the Pantheon and the final resting place of the city's patron saint - who organised the first prayer marathon to save Paris from the Huns.  The tour ends 

Panthéon de Paris

America's Founding Fathers in Paris - 2 hours - €50/person 

Without France, the American Revolution would not have succeeded.  Without America, the French Revolution might not have happened.

America & France are two nations united by a shared history, a history that is older than America itself.  Our Founding Fathers sought the help of France to create our nation, and this tour will take you to the places where these great patriots lived & worked.

Along the way we will discuss the contribution that France made in ensuring American victory against the British – and the contribution that America made in disseminating Revolutionary ideals among the French elite.

The Franco-American friendship has now lasted 230 years, and throughout that time Americans have continued coming to Paris.  Perhaps it is the city’s reputation for history and culture, or perhaps, our wish to discover a little of our own history hidden here in Europe.

Statue of Benjamin Franklin in Paris

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