Walking Tours of Paris - Discover the city beyond the Monuments

Pont Neuf
Some of the oldest houses in Paris, still inhabited (16th Century)

Guided walks to discover the hidden treasures of Paris

Paris is a great city to visit...
But most tourists who come to Paris end up visiting the same monuments & attractions.

I will show you the hidden Paris...
​places you won't find online or in the guide books.  

Let me be your personal tour guide & discover the authentic Paris, the real city that exists beyond the monuments.

Paris off the beaten path

Shady courtyard in the Marais

Come walk with me & experience the real Paris, not the one for tourists.  The secret side of a city where people live, shop, work, eat...  a city that is 2000 years old !

Paris has retained many of her most beautiful vestiges.  Come explore this rich history with me.

I have lived in this beautiful city for 30 years and will show you the best places to eat, shop, visit.

Stroll with me on my unique Paris walks!

My immersive  commented tours will bring Paris to life & provide you with a different sightseeing experience.

​I have designed several themed Paris walks or I can custom design a visit to your needs and the time at your disposal.
Go to the page on Visits for inspiration, ideas & prices.

My tours are reasonably priced, starting at €30/person.

Place Dauphine

Contact me directly ​for more information,   

for suggestions, and for costs Ellen@VisitTheHiddenParis.com

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Public Fountain (R.Lally)

La Fontaine Eginhard

Café Parisien (R.Lally)