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The parks & gardens of Paris - this tour lasts 3-4 hours - €40/person
Farmer's market Visit the Hidden Paris

Paris is known as the City of Lights, but for Parisians it is also a city of parks & gardens. Every arrondissement has its parks, some small and intimate, others grandiose.

In total, the city has 1200 acres of green spaces, parks & public gardens, not including the two Bois (Forests).  Lakes, waterfalls, belvederes, artfully arranged "faux ruins"...  french landscaping is designed to be appreciated for its beauty & artistry.

​Let me take you on a visit of the lesser known but beautiful gardens that Parisians love most !

Buttes Chaumont (Anna David Cooper)

Family Learning Experience : Plants & Animals - 4 hours - €40/adults  €20/kids*

Grande Galérie d'Evolution Visit the Hidden aris

For a morning of Family Fun time, we will visit a museum, zoo & botanical garden in Paris, ideal for kids under 12.  Discover ancient dinosaurs right in the center of Paris!  Learn how different species evolved into today's Animal Kingdom.  See 7000 specimens of species both extinct & living, in real size.  A specially designed interactive Children's Gallery allows kids to learn about different species from regions around the world.

After learning about their evolution, kids can see live animals in the zoo.  Visit the zoo nursery to see the baby animals being tenderly cared for.

Experience a tropical rain forest in the greenhouse & walk through the lovely botanical gardens for some fresh air.  Wander through the Alpine Garden and finish off the morning with lunch in a family-friendly garden restaurant with a kid's menu.

*Tour price includes transportation costs & entrance.   Food & beverages not included.
Kid rate applies to children under 12

Farmer's Markets - this tour lasts 2-3 hours (can vary by day of week) - €40/person

Farmer's market Visit the Hidden Paris

Paris is a city for Food Lovers - where else could you find 80+ farmer's markets sprinkled throughout town.
​Each market has its own distinct flavour...  
Visit artisan cheese makers, florists, family butchers, organic fruit & vegetable stands...  
Taste farm fresh fruit, designer cheese, oysters on the half shell shipped daily from the coast,  street food and so much more.
Bring your appetite !

Food shopping at the local farmer's market (Pixabay)

Full Day of Family Fun - this tour lasts 8 hours - €60/adults  €30/kids*

Parc d'attractions-min (1).jpg

This tour is the same as the half day visit described above.

It includes a morning spent exploring a real castle from 1360, from the bottom of the dungeons to the top of the battlements.  Also included in the morning is a visit to an apiary & zoo, located a short metro ride from Paris.

The afternoon will be spent in an amusement park  in Paris with tons of kid-friendly activities, from animal rides to roller coasters. 

Smaller children will enjoy the merry-go-round, fun kiddie rides, donkey or pony rides, magic shows & wooden climbing trails.  Older kids will have fun with camel rides, the zip line or flying chairs. 

The park also has gardens with walking trails & a Korean garden.  Fun for everyone !

Speakeasies of Paris Bar Crawl - 3 hours 
€100/Adults 18+*


The Prohibition Act was passed in 1919 and changed America forever.  Rather than ending alcohol consumption, the new law simply drove it underground.  Legitimate bars became hidden "speakeasies", with wild parties flowing with gin, jazz and carefree "flappers".  The law created a market for bathtub gin, bootleg liquor and gangsters.  It gave rise to the modern "mob" and outlaws with colorful names, like Lucky Luciano, Scarface Capone, Legs Diamond...

On this tour we will talk about these phenomena while visiting modern Speakeasies.  Customers can take the tour in one of three neighborhoods:  The Grands Boulevards, La Republique or Les Halles, where we will visit 3 speakeasies   (1 cocktail per speakeasy is included in the tour price).  Customers receive a booklet with 6 walking routes detailing the best speakeasies in Paris.

*3 cocktails included in the tour price
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